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The Best Question You Can Ask God

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Praying without ceasing doesn’t mean you have to be in a contemplative state or a quiet place in order to do so. Prayer can be as simple as a continuous conversation that flows throughout the day. When moments arise that require guidance or wisdom, a silent internal prayer can be all it takes to discern the right steps forward. Or when you find yourself happy or thankful for something in your life, a moment of silence and gratitude can instantly connect you to the Source of all things. Bringing God into these daily moments opens a world of intimacy, connectedness and clarity.

Prayer is a Two-Way Street

God not only enjoys listening to us, but He also loves to respond back to us. You may have grown up in an environment that didn’t encourage you to listen for the voice of God. And while God certainly communicates through His Word, His people, and through circumstances, He’s also that still, small voice inside of you. And with time, you can learn to hear His voice in order to find peace and discernment in every moment.

Opening the Door…Wide

Sometimes we ask God very narrow questions like: Why did this happen?; or What am I supposed to do? There’s nothing wrong with asking questions like these. But God is not always interested in giving us direct answers to specific questions. The problem is, when He doesn’t seem to answer, we often doubt that He actually cares for us or hears our prayers—a misgiving that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

That’s why one of my favorite ways to cultivate a sensitivity to the voice of God is by asking Him this question: What do you want me to know about that?

The key to this question is that it’s wide open for God to give any answer. He may not respond to the specific event or circumstance you are asking Him about. Maybe He wants you to know something entirely different. After all, His ways are above our ways. And His thoughts above our thoughts.  

An Example

Here’s how it works. Suppose you didn’t get the job promotion you’ve been preparing for and working exhaustingly hard to obtain. You were even praying you would get the promotion, but instead you got overlooked—again.

Let’s say you took a moment to ask God, “What do you want me to know about this?” He may come back with a simple answer like, “I’m so proud of you! When you’re at work, you truly display My likeness to those around you.

This response doesn’t answer why you didn’t get the promotion or what you’re supposed to do next. But it probably speaks to your heart, which is what God is always after: the transformation and healing of our hearts.

The beauty of a transformed heart is that it can actually take us closer to reaching our goals and dreams. When we see the world the way God does by listening to His voice, we often step further into our true identities.

Take it a Step Further

Another reason this question is so powerful is that you can literally ask it after every answer you hear from God. If he says, “I’m proud of you.” You can ask, “What do you want me to know about that?” He might respond, “For a long time you haven’t felt like anyone sees you or believes in you. But I see you and cherish you. And I think you’re amazing.”

Wow, those words can be so life-changing! They can instantly alter the way you view yourself, and they can shape what you decide to do next.

At Agave Sozo (serving Chandler, Gilbert and Mesa, AZ), our passion is seeing people healed, transformed and delivered, so they can fully live out their God-given identities and destinies. Freedom happens one conversation with God at a time. If you’re not sure how to listen for and discern the voice of God, schedule an appointment with us today.


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