Is a Performance Mindset Holding you Back? | Sozo in Phoenix - woman holding forehead in both palms

27 Jan Is a Performance Mindset Holding you Back?

In this world, if we don’t meet expectations or fail to rise to certain standards then we can be made to feel inadequate. Attitudes such as this can affect our thoughts and actions greatly and may shift us into what is commonly referred to as a performance mindset. A performance mindset can take over many areas of our lives and hinder us from experiencing the full love, freedom, and grace of God. For example, we may try to love our neighbors as ourselves simply because it is what the Word tells us to do instead of doing it because we care about the people we are helping. Or we can be found trying to earn favor/affection instead of living from the favor and affection we already have through Christ. When helping others, it can shift our desires to wanting something from people instead of wanting something for people. Part of what...

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Is Sobriety the Opposite of Addiction? | Christian counseling in Gilbert - man in front of alcohol shelves, looks up with outstretched palms

24 Jan Is Sobriety the Opposite of Addiction?

Addiction can be hard a thing to understand for those who have never experienced it. And it can be even harder for those struggling with addiction to reach out for help. Shame, guilt, and depression often surround those who are fighting against it and overcoming it can seem insurmountable. Our Sozo ministry, similar to Christian counseling in Gilbert, Chandler, and Phoenix, can help with overcoming the lies of shame, guilt, and depression. However, some may think that addiction is another thing entirely. The common method/thought for fighting addiction is to simply get sober. This is easier said than done. “The opposite of addiction is not sobriety. The opposite of addiction is connection.” – Johann Harri has a powerful article suggesting that the root of addiction can often be linked to past trauma or emotional loss. The addiction is the result of attempting to fill a void made by, for example, a...

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I want to find out what’s holding me back - silhouette of man jumping high at the beach

06 Jan I want to find out what’s holding me back. Can Sozo Help?

Some of us can feel in our daily lives a sense of emptiness or lack of meaning. This can manifest into more serious conditions like depression and anxiety. For some of us it manifests as a sort of fundamental dissatisfaction. Do you feel like there’s some part of you deep down that’s holding you back in life? Are you looking to strengthen your bond to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit and get to the root of the elements of your past or present that might be causing you to feel this way? If you find yourself thinking, “I want to found out what’s holding me back.” Sozo can help. But you don’t have to take our word for it! Here are some great excerpts from actual testimonials that might answer some of your questions surrounding Sozo and how it can help you solve whatever emotional or spiritual issues might be...

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The Power of Arizona Sozo counseling - closeup of light from a sparkler

03 Jan New Year’s Resolutions: The Healing Power of Sozo

With Christmas cheer in the air and the new year just around the corner, now is the time that many people are more closely examining their connection with God and wondering how they can lead a healthier and more spiritually fulfilled life. We are all seeking to better ourselves and realize our true destiny--which is never more apparent than through the tradition of New Year’s resolutions. If any of the resolutions below are on your to-do list in 2017, Arizona Sozo counseling might be just what you need. Be a Better Husband or Wife Your faith and your family are the most important things in your life. We all strive to be the best husband, wife, mother or father that we can, but we all fall short. If you are facing marital problems, or simply want to realize your true potential to empower your marriage, Sozo can help. Be Closer with God Do you...

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christian counseling gilbert - SAVED, HEALED, DELIVERED

28 Nov What are the Origins of Sozo Ministry?

If you are considering the powerful inner healing & deliverance ministry of Bethel Sozo, you may have a few questions about its origins. If so, here's some information for you. Sozo Ministry was founded by Teresa Liebscher & Dawna DeSilva at Bethel Church in Redding, California, and is connected to Bethel Church but has a nearby ministry and training center called the Bethel Transformation Center. Agave Sozo is one of several groups in Arizona that are trained through the International Bethel Sozo Organization & part of the Bethel Sozo Network. We are one of hundreds of Bethel Sozo Ministry teams all over the United States (more than 35 states) & all over the world (more than 15 countries). The main tools of Sozo Ministry were formed & developed from Dawna & Theresa learning from other inner healing experts, prayer leaders/pastors & deliverance pastors such as Pastor Randy Clark, Pablo Batari & Aiko Horman...

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alternative to Marital Counseling in Arizona - couple looking out across a lake

21 Nov Can Sozo Supplement or Substitute Marital Counseling in Arizona?

If you are considering marital counseling in Arizona, or have participated in marital counseling with little to no results, you may want to consider Sozo Ministry. While Sozo is an inner healing prayer ministry, and is not counseling, many people find that Sozo ministry can be quicker than counseling and can have equally transformative results both in your life and relationships. Sheryl and Paul at Agave Sozo will work with you and your spouse individually to discover what is at the root of issues & help you to heal emotionally & spiritually. Agave Sozo has both men and women teams. Typically we have two men with male clients and two women with female clients. Sheryl and Paul also work well as a team, and may be a great option for you if you wish to take part in Sozo Ministry with a couple who have themselves benefited from the Bethel Sozo Ministry...

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Christian depression help chandler - closeup of person crying

31 Jul Warning Signs of Depression: Christian Depression Help in Chandler

Christian Depression Help in Chandler Are you concerned about your own or a family member’s emotional state? Has a level of disinterest or general malaise infiltrated your life or the life of a loved one? Depression is a serious condition that goes beyond simply “feeling sad” for a short period of time. We welcome those of you who are suffering from depression to come experience Sozo ministry and work to heal your connection with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit to supplement any Christian counseling or other medications that may not be doing enough. That feeling of emptiness may be due to a spiritual vacancy that needs to be filled by a strengthened connection and an understanding of your destiny. Below are a list of some common symptoms that may be an indicator of depression. Lack of interest in activities, social activities or hobbies that you enjoyed previously and a lack of ability...

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video sozo session - man displayed on projector screen

25 Jul Can I experience Sozo from the comfort of my home?

If you are seeking to heal your personal connection to the Trinity and walk into the destiny in which you are being called, but you aren’t close enough to visit Agave Sozo in person, not to worry! We offer video call appointments via Skype to serve all of you who are in need of inner prayer healing but cannot make it in due to distance or physical inability. In fact, there are several advantages to having a video call Sozo session. Wherever you are, We are! Are you away visiting family but feeling like you need a spiritual refresher? Do you live hundreds or thousands of miles from a provider of Sozo ministry? As long as you have a video and web capable device, you are able to experience inner prayer healing from Agave Sozo. Comfort and Privacy The process of healing your personal connection with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit can have...

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Chandler, AZ - wide-shot of birds on a lake

22 Jul Things you may not have known about Chandler, Arizona!

While we serve all areas of the Valley of the Sun, Agave Sozo is based out of Trinity Christian Fellowship in Chandler, Arizona. We’ve put together a few fun facts about Chandler that you may not have known even if you are a local! Once you’re done reading up on your favorite corner of the east valley, make an appointment for your Sozo Ministry session in Arizona to heal or strengthen your connection with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Chandler has been the recipient of many different awards and included in various “best of” lists including: “100 Best Cities for Young people”, “Best Run Cities in the Nation”, “Top 10 Fitness Walking Cities” and “Top 5 Places to Live.” The gray water that is a byproduct of tech companies like Intel in Chandler is what makes up the water in the Ocotillo Lakes. The town of Chandler was named...

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08 Jul What is Shabar Ministry?

Shabar Ministry is a step to be taken later in the process of inner healing if your Sozo Ministry has not completely taken hold. This is not a tool that is to be used right off-hand, but instead later in the inner healing ministry process for those who need it. Contact Agave Sozo in Chandler today for more information about Shabar Ministry. From the video: “Shabar is a ministry for fractured individuals. For dissociative individuals. Individuals that disconnect from reality and are having a hard time even holding on to their healing or staying connected to reality. It’s a ministry that’s been going since about 2006. With Shabar we deal with what goes on inside of people, those areas that we use to protect ourselves and in other ministries a lot of time they get dealt with as defensive mechanisms or as walls, but the Shabar Ministry goes in and deals with...

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