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Do You Ever Feel Stuck in Life?

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Feeling stuck in life is an extremely common human experience. As the Bible testifies in Ecclesiastes, there are seasons in life. There is a time to weep and a time to laugh. A Time to plant and a time to uproot. A time to search and a time to give up. A time to keep and a time to throw away. The difficulty we face is when it’s time to move on to a new season, but we feel lost and unsure about how to reorient towards a new path. At Agave Sozo in Chandler, AZ, we believe every season holds guidance and wisdom for us, and that freedom is our ultimate trajectory. So how do we move on when we feel stuck in life?

Moving from Stuck to Free

In a culture that celebrates progress, achievement, and moving forward, when we feel stuck in life it can feel like there isn’t space to sit and process. So we often resort to pushing our feelings aside and willing ourselves into a new season, which simply doesn’t work. It’s true that the longer we stay in an old season, the more stuck we tend to become. But moving on requires a certain degree of resolution of the old and expectation of what is to come.

If you are feeling stuck, I’d like to offer five tips that may help lift you out of a funk and place you on a level path.


1. Get Curious

Sitting with our thoughts and feelings, especially when they are unpleasant, is not an easy task. However, the more aware we become of what is influencing us, the more easily we’ll find a pathway to clarity. Try observing your thoughts and feelings, and instead of passing judgment, ask yourself questions. Get curious about where you are and how you got there. At times when we are feeling just a little bit stuck, one time of sitting alone with our thoughts can be enough to get freedom from what isn’t serving us and lead us in a healthier direction. At other times, difficult seasons require some deeper soul work: we will speak to this a little later.

2. Practice Gratitude

I don’t know about you, but when I’m feeling stuck it’s usually accompanied by a myriad of negative thoughts and feelings. But when I intentionally choose to see the good in my life versus focusing on the bad, my entire perspective can change. Contentment, even in seasons that are rough, is a powerful mood changer and can even begin to open the way forward.

3. Spend Time Listening to God

Prayer is a two-way street. That means God loves to speak to us as much as he loves to listen. In a previous blog post I presented my favorite question to ask God in any situation: “God, what do you want me to know about that?” The wonder of this question is that, unlike questions that begin with “why” or “how,” it opens up a dialogue with God that doesn’t pigeon-hole Him to a specific answer. Once you’ve asked, be aware of the first thoughts that run through your head. If you’re not used to this kind of prayer, you’ll be surprised how quickly God tends to answer us. Other ways to listen to God include time in His Word and listening to worship music. Find a method that speaks to your heart and just listen.

4. Talk to a Friend

The weight of feeling stuck can sometimes be too much to bear alone. There’s a myth out there that we can’t let other people into our weakness: we can’t let them see our vulnerability. But letting someone in that you trust is often what’s needed when you feel stuck in life. Opening up to a true friend allows them to empathize with you and validate your feelings. And most likely, they can relate. You might even consider bringing in more than one friend. Ecc. 4:12 says, “A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.”

5. Schedule a Sozo Appointment

As I mentioned before, at times we may feel so lost or so overwhelmed with our circumstances, that seeking outside help is the wisest thing to do. Whether you want to let go of the lies that hold you in bondage and embrace the truth that will set you free; let go of shame-filled thinking and embrace grace-filled love and acceptance; let go of the weight of worry and embrace complete trust; let go of comparing yourself and embrace being uniquely fashioned by God; let go of paralyzing doubt and embrace a faith that holds firm in the mysteries of life; whatever your soul needs, Sozo can help.

If any of these ring true, you would absolutely benefit from a guided Sozo prayer session. But don’t just take my word for it. Testimonies abound with stories of freedom and deliverance. If you’re not sure what Sozo is and you want to know more, visit our website here. And if you’re ready to take that next step towards freedom, schedule an appointment today.


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