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The Importance of Connection

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Technology seems to be taking over all areas of life, including connecting with people. A decade ago you would go into a coffee shop or airport and see people talking to each other, reading a book, or casually sitting and watching the world go by. Now, everyone is glued to a computer or their phones. In some ways, technology is great. It allows us to stay current with our faraway loved ones and keeps us connected to what is going on in the world. On the other hand, technology can be very damaging and create barriers to connection. It is partially creating a younger generation that struggles with interpersonal connection if technology is not included.

Being so caught up in technology can sometimes prevent people from having true and intimate connection with God. Agave Sozo enjoys seeing people become empowered in who they are and gaining deeper freedom in Christ through connection to Him. As a result, with a renewed connection to God, people can then find better or restored connection with those around them. 

We are all wired to love, be loved, and to belong. God created us all for connection, which helps us to become who He truly designed us to be. Connection is a key aspect to living a full life. Agave Sozo enjoys seeing people gain deeper freedom in Christ through connection to Him, and gain healing for what hinders connection or makes it difficult to connect.

Connection with others and connection with God influences our lives. True connection with God is the most fulfilling of all. The benefits of true connection include: improved physical health, increased joy, deeper motivation and ambition, and overall fulfillment in life. Connection brings a healthy mind, body and soul living.

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Photo by Matthew Henry from Burst (4/23/2018)