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5 Soul Care Intentions to Start the New Year

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The most common New Year’s intentions revolve around physical health, and specifically around working out more and losing those pesky, few extra pounds. Other goals may include fulfilling certain passions and dreams, or choosing to budget well this year. However, soul care often gets tacked at the bottom of this list, or perhaps omitted altogether. As an inner healing prayer ministry in Chandler, Az, Agave Sozo would like to suggest a few soul care intentions you can set for this coming year.

1. Make Time for Daily Prayer & Meditation

At Agave Sozo, we believe the Bible not only instructs us about how to live so we can be right with God, but it also offers the clearest pathway to Shalom, or a state of peace and wholeness. So when the Bible encourages us to pray and meditate, it does so because the Divine Wisdom in these practices prove to be healing for the soul. It’s shocking what a few moments of quiet and stillness can do for the mind and spirit.

2. Don’t Go to Bed Angry

This life principle gleaned from the Bible may seem pretty basic, but it actually has loads of mental, emotional, spiritual, and even physical impacts. Sustained anger changes the makeup of our brain chemistry. It’s hard on the cardiovascular system, the immune system, and the digestive system. It can make you lose sleep. And it has been linked to anxiety and depression. If you struggle with anger or frustration, find techniques this year to become more self-aware. Discover the sources of your anger and frustration, which ultimately come down to caring better for your soul.

3. Develop a Practice of Gratitude

We find the practice of gratitude in the Bible as well as in modern cognitive research. The Bible says, “Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. ~Phil 4:6-7” And modern research has shown that practicing gratitude can improve physical and psychological health and enhance empathy and self-esteem, all which deeply connect to the soul.

4. Stress Less

You may be laughing at this one, because if you could stress less, wouldn’t you already be doing so? And maybe the thought of adding another thing to your list of to-dos is stressing you out right now. But there are techniques that can be implemented in both your spiritual life and practical daily life that will gradually reduce the feeling of stress and anxiety. Implementing a practice of gratitude, mindfulness, and meditation will settle the mind and spirit. In a very practical sense, here a few tips we found incredibly helpful from Success Magazine: realize good is good enough, get more sleep, say ‘no’ to others so you can say ‘yes’ to you, and power off your electronics. Have you noticed that a lot of these soul care intentions are connected?

5. Schedule an Inner Healing Prayer Session

At Agave Sozo, we’ve seen tremendous testimonies of freedom from depression, anxiety, unforgiveness, fear, and so many other afflictions. If you’ve never heard of Sozo before, it’s a unique inner healing prayer ministry in which the goal is to get to the root of those things hindering your personal connection with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. With a healed connection, you can walk in the destiny to which you have been called. If you feel like there’s something holding you back from the abundant emotional and spiritual life you want, give yourself some good soul care and make an appointment with us today!


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