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Is Sobriety the Opposite of Addiction? | Christian counseling in Gilbert - man in front of alcohol shelves, looks up with outstretched palms

24 Jan Is Sobriety the Opposite of Addiction?

Addiction can be hard a thing to understand for those who have never experienced it. And it can be even harder for those struggling with addiction to reach out for help. Shame, guilt, and depression often surround those who are fighting against it and overcoming it can seem insurmountable. Our Sozo ministry, similar to Christian counseling in Gilbert, Chandler, and Phoenix, can help with overcoming the lies of shame, guilt, and depression. However, some may think that addiction is another thing entirely. The common method/thought for fighting addiction is to simply get sober. This is easier said than done. “The opposite of addiction is not sobriety. The opposite of addiction is connection.” – Johann Harri has a powerful article suggesting that the root of addiction can often be linked to past trauma or emotional loss. The addiction is the result of attempting to fill a void made by, for example, a...

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