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28 Nov What are the Origins of Sozo Ministry?

If you are considering the powerful inner healing & deliverance ministry of Bethel Sozo, you may have a few questions about its origins. If so, here's some information for you. Sozo Ministry was founded by Teresa Liebscher & Dawna DeSilva at Bethel Church in Redding, California, and is connected to Bethel Church but has a nearby ministry and training center called the Bethel Transformation Center. Agave Sozo is one of several groups in Arizona that are trained through the International Bethel Sozo Organization & part of the Bethel Sozo Network. We are one of hundreds of Bethel Sozo Ministry teams all over the United States (more than 35 states) & all over the world (more than 15 countries). The main tools of Sozo Ministry were formed & developed from Dawna & Theresa learning from other inner healing experts, prayer leaders/pastors & deliverance pastors such as Pastor Randy Clark, Pablo Batari & Aiko Horman...

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