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21 Nov Can Sozo Supplement or Substitute Marital Counseling in Arizona?

If you are considering marital counseling in Arizona, or have participated in marital counseling with little to no results, you may want to consider Sozo Ministry. While Sozo is an inner healing prayer ministry, and is not counseling, many people find that Sozo ministry can be quicker than counseling and can have equally transformative results both in your life and relationships. Sheryl and Paul at Agave Sozo will work with you and your spouse individually to discover what is at the root of issues & help you to heal emotionally & spiritually. Agave Sozo has both men and women teams. Typically we have two men with male clients and two women with female clients. Sheryl and Paul also work well as a team, and may be a great option for you if you wish to take part in Sozo Ministry with a couple who have themselves benefited from the Bethel Sozo Ministry...

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