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Is a Performance Mindset Holding you Back? | Sozo in Phoenix - woman holding forehead in both palms

27 Jan Is a Performance Mindset Holding you Back?

In this world, if we don’t meet expectations or fail to rise to certain standards then we can be made to feel inadequate. Attitudes such as this can affect our thoughts and actions greatly and may shift us into what is commonly referred to as a performance mindset. A performance mindset can take over many areas of our lives and hinder us from experiencing the full love, freedom, and grace of God. For example, we may try to love our neighbors as ourselves simply because it is what the Word tells us to do instead of doing it because we care about the people we are helping. Or we can be found trying to earn favor/affection instead of living from the favor and affection we already have through Christ. When helping others, it can shift our desires to wanting something from people instead of wanting something for people. Part of what...

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