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Celebrating the Advent Season

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With Thanksgiving behind us, the Christmas season is before us. There are so many reasons to enjoy this time of year, but perhaps our favorite at Agave Sozo in Chandler is Advent! However, many Evangelicals and Protestants may not have grown up with this tradition. If you’re wondering how Advent started, what it symbolizes, how to go about celebrating it, and why is advent important, then read on.  

Common Questions About Advent


1. Why do we celebrate Advent in the Christian Church? 

The word advent comes from the Latin word adventus, which can be translated as “arrival,” “coming,” or “visitation.” For many in the Christian Church, this is a season of waiting and expectation, as we reflect on the birth of Jesus and await his second coming. When we participate in the rich history of the Advent season, we share in the ancient yearning of the final coming of the Messiah. 

2. How did Advent begin? 

It is not known exactly when the practice of the Advent season came about, but it traces its roots back to the 5th century AD. In the 6th century, a meeting of church officials, called the Council of Tours of 567, determined that monks were to fast the entire month of December, leading up to Christmas. This practice was soon adopted among different groups, and in the 9th century under Charlemagne, the fast was recorded as widely observed. From this point in time traditions and practices varied by country and sect. 

3. Is Advent Catholic? 

While the liturgical season of Advent has a stronger history in the Catholic Church, it is widely celebrated by the Orthodox Church and in the Anglican, Lutheran, Moravian, Presbyterian, and Methodist traditions. 

4. What do the 4 candles and wreath symbolize? 

The Advent wreath originated in the 16th century among German Lutherans. The circular shape of the wreath symbolizes a crown that stands for victory, and the sun which signifies an annual return. As tradition has it, a small candle was lit every morning, and on Sundays a large candle was lit. Today’s practice has only retained the large candles which represent the hope and peace of the approaching Christmas light. 

5. How do we celebrate the Advent season? 

The most common tradition practiced during this season is Sunday Advent readings. Some individuals will participate in fasting. And many churches will hold special musical events in celebration of the coming of Christ. 

Prayer Ministry in Chandler

Why is Advent important? These precious days are a time to reflect and renew our hope for the second coming of Christ. By participating, we join in hundreds of years of Church history and tradition. As an inner healing prayer ministry, our family at Agave Sozo wishes you a joyful and merry Advent season. If you are in need of Sozo ministry and live in Chandler, Mesa, Gilbert or Phoenix, contact us today. 


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