Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect?

Sozo is a low pressure, gentle process. The Sozo leader will meet with you in a private prayer room, then go over the forms (application/liability release) & explain the process at the beginning. After that, the Sozo leader with guide the way in asking God questions & using the Sozo tools as needed. Great results are possible! Following your session, you may need to rest and take time to let things settle in as you see how the Sozo time and the results affect your life and relationships. Most of the time the Sozo leader has an assistant who will be there too. Occasionally a third Sozo team member in training will be present.

Do you have a men’s team?

Yes. We have both men & women Sozo team members. Most commonly, we have two women with a female Sozo client, and two men with a male Sozo client. Paul & Sheryl work well as a team, if the Sozo client is comfortable with a man & a woman. We have high value for honoring our Sozo clients. If you have a preference, please let us know.

Do we charge? Is there a fee?

There is no actual “charge” for your Sozo session. Our Sozo team members offer biblical spiritual services to anyone who desires them regardless of ability to pay. Although there is no charge for services, all efforts to build this ministry, and to support and train the team members, are offset from the donations of those receiving these services. We therefore have a suggested donation of $75 — more or less may be donated.


Donations may be made at the time of the appointment. Checks should be made payable to Trinity Christian Fellowship or you may donate at this website:


Any amount donated above the suggested amount of $75 may be considered tax deductible.


All donations are greatly appreciated!

Is Sozo confidential?

We take your privacy very seriously. We are committed to respect the disclosed information, but not to complete confidentiality. This is because we are required by law to report: (1) Any intent of a person to take harmful, dangerous, or criminal action against another person or against him/herself. (2) Any act of child or elderly abuse or neglect. Sometimes it may be necessary to share information with other Sozo team members to facilitate the process.

How long is a session?

Each Sozo session can take from 1 to 3 hours. The average Sozo is 2 hours long.

Are Sozo leaders certified counselors?

No. Sozo Ministry is an inner healing prayer ministry and is not counseling. All Sozo Ministry team members at Trinity Christian Fellowship have completed the Bethel Sozo training (taught by a certified Sozo Ministry teacher and/or the Bethel Sozo founders “live” or via DVD) and have been released/approved to lead or be on the team.


If a person would like to talk about and process issues, a professional counselor would be a more appropriate fit.


Many have found Sozo ministry to be quicker than counseling.


If you are currently working with a professional counselor, it is recommended that you share with them that you are coming for Sozo Ministry and that you desire their approval with that plan.

Do you have childcare?


Do I have to be a Christian to have a Sozo?


Can children receive a Sozo?

Children can receive this ministry. Sessions with children will be shorter and modified as appropriate. A parent or guardian will be required to be present with a child between 9 and 14 years old. For a child who is between 15 and 17, it is up to the parent AND the child if the parent or guardian is to be present during the Sozo session. We do not see children under 9 years old at this time.

What if there are things/details I don’t want to share?

You may share what you are comfortable sharing. Sharing is optional but helpful.

I'm not in Arizona, may I have a Sozo appointment via Skype?

Yes. Request a Skype Sozo through the “Contact Us” page.