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Ready to make an appointment? From feeling stuck to just needing a spiritual tune-up, a Sozo session may just be what you’re looking for and more. If you are interested in applying for a Sozo session, please fill out the following online application form. When the application is processed, an appointment will be set up via email or phone.


Prior to your Sozo session, you will also need to complete a liability release. Preview the liability release form by clicking on “Forms.”


There is a suggested donation per session and you may make a donation now, or at your Sozo appointment. There is no “charge” for Sozo Ministry and you may make a donation as you are able. There is no donation required for an appointment. (For more about this suggested donation, go to the Frequently Asked Questions.)

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If not, we strongly recommend you find one. We recommend that you share with someone you trust what happened during the Sozo so that you will have someone to pray with and hold you accountable (this person should not be the one who you consider your "best friend").

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