Testimonies from men & women who have experienced a Sozo ministry session at Trinity Christian Fellowship:

“Recently I had a Sozo Session with Sheryl. I came in because I was being bombarded with feelings of jealousy and shame. I simply couldn't shake these emotions. The Sozo tools Sheryl used were amazing and I was absolutely blown away. I felt like God took me to such a deep place, uncovering years of pride, envy, insecurity and shame. Layer upon layer of emotional and mental baggage just fell off and in the end I was able to not only hear wonderful things that God was speaking over me, but I FELT His love and His peace and His joy in a way that I had never before in my life experienced. Even to this day I am touched as I remember the way God spoke to me during this prayer time. Through my years as a Christian I have been someone who loves to get prayer for inner healing. I have had many hours of counseling and prayer, with the goal of walking in peace and joy with the Lord. Every time I receive Sozo Ministry, I find myself catapulted to a new level of peace. I highly recommend Sozo Ministry to anyone and everyone -- whether you are a Christian or not, whether you have had counseling or not. You will walk away like me -- feeling freer, lighter, more filled with joy and closer to God's heart. It will be life-changing!”
“I had my first Sozo at 72 years of age. If I had known about it sooner, I would have gone sooner! In this ministry the Lord is so gentle in the way He brings things to the surface that a person needs to deal with. For example, He showed me I needed to forgive my 8 year old brother for dying when I was only 2 ½ years old. He was my main care giver. Here was something festering inside of me for 70 years, that I wasn’t even aware of. The Lord continues to do “mini” Sozos with me, just the two of us, showing me other areas in which I can be healed and free. I encourage everyone to take advantage of this ministry designed to bring wholeness to our lives and to enrich our relationship with Father God, Jesus and Holy Spirit.”
— Elaine A., Maricopa, Arizona
“I have had 4 Sozo sessions in the past 2 years and I am SOLD! I continue to refer hurting people to this wonderful resource because it WORKS. The facilitator is trained to ask questions that get to the heart of issues that keep us in bondage. It’s all done through prayer with the Father, Holy Spirit and Jesus. It is a gentle and safe way to be returned to truth. Each time I left with more clarity, freedom and hope. God longs to set us free from the lies we are believing and I praise Him for using this ministry to do just that. It’s confidential, loving, effective, and if you can’t afford a donation, it’s totally free! Yay for Sozo!!”
— Marcia H., Tempe AZ
“My personal experience with Sozo was one of experiencing great freedom, healing, and a deeper relationship with God. Sozo allowed me to realize that I was not able to be close to God as I desired to be. It was through the act of forgiving people from my past and letting go of lies that I embraced, that allowed me the freedom to walk closer in a deeper relationship with Him. Sozo gave me the tools necessary to not get caught up in issues that can keep me from growing spiritually and continues to bless me as I walk in the freedom of His unconditional love.”
— Deborah, Gilbert, Az
“The Father ``cleaned house`` in my heart, mind and soul, and removed so much of the ``trash`` that was there.”
— Julie, Scottsdale, Az
``My SOZO session was calm & peaceful. Holy Spirit was so good as He directed much of it. When I left I felt so much peace and I felt like something broke off allowing breakthrough. I couldn't put my finger on it but something surely shifted. Sheryl and her assistant took all the time I needed which made me feel relaxed and unrushed (I am always on a time schedule so not having pressure to hurry was a big thing to me). I highly recommend it. ``
-Melissa, Tucson, AZ


“Having been in youth and young adult ministry for over 12 years, I cannot recommend strongly enough the Sozo Ministry coming out of Bethel Church. I have experienced first hand the impact this ministry has had on not only my own life but many of those I know closely. When renewal first hit our church in the mid 1990's the Lord began to reveal to us His strategy for revival. One of the key components in that strategy was His children coming into the fullness of freedom available to them. I have a vision to see young people who have so experienced the love of God in their life and the intimate healing touch from a loving Father that they are secure in who they are in Him. The Sozo Ministry has been so key and instrumental in seeing this vision come about not only in our local church but our movement around the world. Through the principles and revelation learned through Sozo we are seeing thousands of young people hear the message of freedom and love found only in the Father. I highly recommend this ministry and my prayer is that every believer fully experience everything Christ died for, not only salvation but healing and deliverance as well.”

Banning Liebscher
Jesus Culture
Bethel Church, Redding CA

“I have been directly involved with the Sozo Ministry of Bethel Church for four years. During that time I have personally benefited from Sozo Ministry and have had the opportunity to hear of hundreds of testimonies. As a Christian and a Mental Health professional, I am delighted to see this example of the Church moving sensitively and in power, to bring healing and deliverance to people trapped in various bondages. In some instances I have seen the power of God move through the Sozo Ministry to bring great freedom to people with serious conditions that the traditional mental health profession can rarely impact except through medication. It is so gratifying to see the name of Jesus exalted and the people of God set free through Sozo.”
Barry Byrne, MFT
Nothing Hidden Ministries, nothinghidden.com
“I have had the incredible privilege of being ministered to on several occasions by Dawna DeSilva and the Bethel Sozo team. They are an amazing, gifted and powerfully anointed healing group.”
Heidi Baker
Founding Director, Iris Ministries
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